Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Master's Thesis - University of Vienna

Regional Documentation, Information und Training Centre in the Castle of Katzelsdorf - a Village Renewal and Regional Development Project in the Region "Bucklige Welt"

Village renewal and the so-called concept "self-reliant or endogenous regional development" aim at the comprehensive improvement of local and regional living conditions. In addition to the economic aspects like the strengthening of regional economic circulations and the preservation and creation of jobs, immaterial aims are of immediate importance. These include the strengthening of local and regional self-confidence, the development and promotion of direct responsibility of the inhabitants, the enhancement of community feeling, the reflection on the cultural characteristic and the enhancement of ecological awareness.
Sustainable regional development intends to open and preserve development opportunities for the economy and society, in this case, they contribute to the realization of sustainable life-styles and do not exceed ecological limits. The preservation of living quality of present and future generations is in focus of attention.
Regional culture enables new forms of revitalization of forgotten or lost cultural forms. It also forms the background for the development of regional concepts and for the anchoring of initiatives and projects into the social and economic life of a region.
Regional identity plays an important role for the direct responsibility of the regional population and its participation in economic and social development of the region.
Cultural tourism is part of the strategy of self-reliant regional development. Rural regions see in it the chance to achieve an economical improvement by use of regional cultural potentials and marketing of regional culture.
Strategies of the self-reliant regional development emphasize the use and activation of endogenous resources and potentials. In this case, rural adult education is seen as a regional development factor. It plays a decisive role as well in the qualification of people as in activation, intermediation and support of projects.

The regional documentation, information and training centre in the Castle of Katzelsdorf is a project of village renewal and self-reliant regional development. Within the scope of this thesis examples of similar institutions in Austria and Europe are shown in a state-of-the-art study. A survey about supply and demand of further education was carried out by sending a questionnaire to all households of Katzelsdorf. One of the results of this survey is the demand of a wider supply of courses.
A regional library and archive will be established and will contribute to the conservation of the cultural heritage of the region "Bucklige Welt" and to an active discussion about the regional cultural and natural heritage.
The visitor centre will give visitors a first impression of the cultural and natural heritage of the region.
The information centre will give the inhabitants of Katzelsdorf and of the region "Bucklige Welt" manifold informations. They will be informed about new and interesting things from the region for different spheres of life.
The training centre will offer professional and general education to the local and regional population and will provide people an opportunity to qualify themselves and to develop their creative abilities.